Will Apex Legends Replace Fortnite?


Fortnite has been the most popular battle royale game ever since its release, one of the aspects of the game that makes it so unique is how you can build defenses around you and also edit them. there hasn’t really been any competition for fortnite until recently with the release of apex legends. Apex legends is a battle royale game where you play in a trio and fight to be the last people standing. but unlike most br games where you can choose to play solo, duo, or squads, you only have the choice to play trios, but they will most likely soon release a solo mode. Apex legend was created by EA and no one knew this game was coming. the game picked up 10 Million players in only 72 Hours! It took Fortnite br two weeks to hit 10 million players. Recently, fortnite came out with an update bringing new challenges and once you complete them, you get a free season 8 battle pass, the battle pass is a big money maker for fortnite. the battle pass consists of skins, weapon skins, emotes, banners, etc. so do you think apex will replace fortnite?



Theyre both gonna fail in a few months cuz battle royale is the same gameplay mechanic over and over again till everyone gets bored



I disagree, especially considering that the battle royale format has lasted so long as both a multimedia trend and financial success. Looking at tired game mechanics and assuming that means it can’t sustain longevity ignores games like League of Legends, MtG, and Call of Duty (raid shooters) alongside other MMOs, which are basically all the same kind of gameplay a la battle royale

Granted, I hate this style because it takes everything I hate from multiplayer and somehow makes it worse, but Apex seems like the game to fill the niche of battle royale players who hate Fortnite, which is growing steadily as it becomes co-opted by an ever younger crowd and ever growing exhausting popularity.

I’d give it a year or two before something else snags the spotlight, but I can see APEX poaching the PUBG players fairly easily because that entire community is getting pretty fed up with the designers of that game…

As far as new players, since they incorporated the engine of Titanfall I can see new players trying it out for that same sort of feel those games had and thereby growing its base, but I do think the battle royale genre has hit its major threshold for new players, which spells the end but not for another few years as previously stated.



Agreed. Here’s the twist: when (or if) Apex adds skins and microtransactions, like most mainstream battle royales, all the kids and younger audience will flock over from Fortnite. The whole cycle will roll again. :man_shrugging:

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I believe Apex has the potential to replace Fortnite but when it does there will be a new craze. I remember when battle royales blew up out of nowhere, I’m just hoping for something better to shoot through.



There will always be a new massive meta in gaming. youre right, it’s Apex’s turn now



I dont think Fortnite will completely die, i think its gotten too much attention at this point for it to lose it’s player base. But i can tell Epic Games is worried about Apex seeing how they copied some of the features that made Apex stand out, the ping system and the revive system. To me that screams a lack of ideas being made and fear of another game besting them because of better gameplay mechanics.

I personally dont like Apex for the gameplay, it really doesn’t really feel like i do much damage and it doesn’t help either on how hard i get swiped by a team i didn’t notice. However i absolutely love the games emphasis on team cooperation, you dont have to say much because your legend will probably call it out automatically. Team work is something Fortnite really lacks in, before Apex you had to rely on your team using their mics for any feedback and since Fortnite wants players to work together thats a huge problem.

However, we shouldn’t forget the events that unfolded with Overwatch. It was deemed the Tf2 killer and got a pretty good fan base to boot that title, yet here we are and now Blizzard is desperately trying to find ways to bring back the attention it used to have. If Apex doesn’t take care of its game too well, it might be a similar case. Then again, same could be said with Fortnite since its already copying other game mechanics.



Damn what happened to Overwatch? Completely forgot about that game.



As the game aged, Blizzard didn’t handle it too well. The Meta never changed, so competitive got very repetitive. Even with new characters, you’d still be forced to play the same few characters. There just wasn’t enough for people to want to stay, and so eventually the fire faded for Overwatch. Blizzard’s response to this was trying to make the characters more “diverse” or just adding more into the mix. An example would be Soldier 76. He was ment to be a hardened war vet turned vigilante. They tried to surprise everyone by making him gay, yet its obvious enough to know that this wasn’t the original plan for him. Also, the new hero coming out kinda looks similar to Demoman. The color scheme is similar to the Blu version of Demo, has an eye piece in the same spot as Demo’s eye patch, same skin color, has a Grenadelauncher, and i believe is a mercenary just like Demo.
To make it short, it kinda looks like they’re resorting to desperate and easy measures to get something into their game.



Overwatch is still pretty huge in the competitive scene and hasn’t died, but tf2 isn’t gaining new players either.

To be honest I think the entire genre of raid shooters is dying from CoD to Overwatch to Etc. Battle royale is basically the same thing with larger spaces in between imo but its not doing so hot either.

Importantly, perception of titles success has become more important than actual sales because of live streaming becoming more pervasive in its mainstream idolatry. So a lot of folks are beginning to lean into that gimmick any way they can, and blizzard might have been one of the OGs in that regard, poised to usurp the streaming market while holding the reigns on the competitive one.

Right now fortnite has the reigns, but still



I’m not for sure whats going to happen, but seeing the Apex was able to get 10 million player in 72 hours is just outrages.



Honestly, I don’t know how they achieved that incredible feat. Wow.