The Finest of Black Mirror, and the duds we try to forget


So, you have definitely at least heard of black mirror, a netflix exclusive production brought to us by Charlie Brooker (a british broadcaster known for quite a few horror and tech shorts) and maybe you haven’t quite dived into it, or maybe you got turned off by that terrible first episode.

Either way, here are three hits and three duds from the series. Discuss or argue below!


Shut Up and Dance (S3E3)

A story tightly entwined with blackmail, this story is initially unsettling because of the constant threat of doxxing that we all feel when trolling anonymously on the internet. The twist at the end and the ensuing moral argument is one of the best of the Black Mirror series. To get the gist of what Black Mirror really aims to try and do, start with this one. Not to mention just stellar acting across the board.

Playtest (S3E2)

My personal favorite, this one can leave you feeling a bit troubled afterwords. For fans of virtual reality and the innate fears involved, this is a great one. The protagonist you follow in this episode is one of the most charming leads I’ve seen in a while, and everyone is overall pretty fun to watch. It has a great red herring twist at the end, which makes the final conclusion that much more upsetting.

Black Museum (S4E6)

Ever feel let down by a season finale? Well this time watch as the entire series is tied wonderfully together, with its own plot sitting alongside it. Honestly this episode shows off some of the best storytelling I’ve seen from a tv show than I’ve seen in a long time. The acting is phenomenal, and the effects are stunning.


The National Anthem (S1E1)

Honestly this whole episode felt like a joke, and the ending was really hamfisted. It was amusing, for sure, but I believe this episode starts off the series to put your guard down for what comes next (which involves a side character turning to porn in order to escape a bicycle prison) and I wasn’t impressed by any of the acting. It also didn’t feel believable throughout, and even though I was interested in the ways they tried to solve the plot problem… it ends on a rather unsatisfactory note. It refuses to really say anything.

San Junipero (S3E4)

This one is probably the most divisive dud pick. It is generally lauded as one of the better episodes, however I very much disagree. It honestly doesn’t feel like it fits within the Black Mirror series. Instead of exploring the implications of virtual immortality, it spends more time with one character that has a questionable sense of doubt (which is more around the lesbian relationship, not the technology) and seems to be more of an involved take on a social issue rather than a technology issue. Don’t get me wrong though! Unlike the first dud I mentioned, this one is still fun to watch, and the acting is good throughout. The two character’s chemistry isn’t the best imo, but I can see how someone would disagree. Definitely don’t skip this episode, but don’t get your hopes up thinking it will be like the other Black Mirror episodes.

There are certainly many other great episodes and a few of my favorites, alongside even more lackluster choices by the series. These are just the most notable which highlight the core of the series message and intent (and the duds are the one who split furthest away from it)

Well that’s it, I highly recommend this series if you can watch it (otherwise, movie night sometimes soon maybe?) and let me know what you think of my choices down below!


I loved San Junipero :heart_eyes: It made me bawl up…

It was my favorite episode because it was finally an episode where utopia can be horriyfing…


Fifteen Million Merits, San Junipero, and Shut Up & Dance were the best episodes :heart:

But, I enjoyed almost all of them! Arkangel sucked.

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