The Fall of Kingsland: Bayreach Chapter 1

Not so long ago, Bayreach was just a simple and self-sufficient fishing town, like many that dotted the coasts of Kingsland. It was a simple life with simple folks, and the only real connection to the rest of the continent was of the road merchants that dropped by twice a year selling wares and the occasional luxuries. Humans inhabited the city mostly, but there was an elven family that many thought might have been exiled long ago, but were too afraid to ask.

However, this old town of Bayreach has been dwarfed by the new developments in the city, and all that remains of this idyllic fishing town is a poor district of slums people call “Oldtown”

Around 80 years ago, a mysterious ship appeared at the docks of Bayreach. Out came diplomats from a foreign land called Tessela, who were very tight-lipped about where specifically they came from. The visitors quickly passed through Bayreach to reach the Capital City to speak with the King. A deal was seemingly struck and suddenly Bayreach became a central docking point for these visitors.

The visitors from Tessela were extremely varied in race and purpose. There are writings referring to Dragonborn diplomats and goblin workers, and if the Capital City learned any more specifics of the mysterious Tessela nation, they never told the citizens of Bayreach. All the citizens could see were crates of goods being carried off of ships containing large purple crystals that only glowed in absolute darkness, and had no purpose that Bayreach could see.

Workers from Tessela boats would haul many crates from their ships monthly and receive a multitude of items shipped from the capitol, but they never mingled and no Tessela citizen ever seemed to stick around after work was done, save for one man named Thom.

Thom took up residence and oversees the monthly deliveries, occasionally making trips to Capital City. He had a small, yet lavish, home built just outside of the growing city, and not much is known about him as he is rarely seen. He is a very tall and well-built human with dark skin and often speaks with a strange accent. He is mostly liked by the city, seeing as he doesn’t interfere much except for when a shipment gets messed up, and even then he is soft-spoken and kind.

This new trade brought merchants, money, and a huge influx of immigrants from Capital City, and Bayreach grew almost overnight. The forests to the south were cut down and the mountains to the east were mined for stone, and a great many buildings were constructed to accomodate all the new citizens and, more importantly, money now flowing through the city.

A mayor was appointed by the King, a human named Einn, who conducts the increasingly complicated bureaucratic tasks within the city, but 50 years after his appointment, Einn has declared his retirement and will select a successor.

Nowadays, immigration has slowed. The town has grown to be a great city, and all remnants of its history as a humble fishing town are gone. Instead there are multiple marketplaces and plazas hosting a huge gamut of races and cultures. The northern trade roads are almost always busy, and with this comes danger and criminality.

Many people became rich when they moved to Bayreach, or they were already rich when they got there, but none of the original families reaped many benefits from this change, and were often quite bitter at their city’s growth. Now that there is the rich and the poor, there is suffering and crime, as well as corruption and scandal.

Our players begin in a tavern located not far from the district of Oldtown, brought here by an ad in the nearby marketplace claiming work.

Please direct questions about the setting here, I didn’t want to make this post impossibly long, and there are many things the player characters just don’t know about greater Kingsland. All the players are descendants of either the original inhabitants (human) or the first wave of immigrants (any playable race) and your answers to the questionnaire will set up the first scene.

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As a note, Bayreach has rather newly built magical facilities and a thriving criminal underground, so don’t be afraid to include magic users and rogues. Background from v5 will often need to be adjusted for the setting, so DM me with the background you chose and I’ll tell you how that fits into the setting.

Any information on Tessela is relatively unknown to citizens of Bayreach, as communication with any Tessela visitor has been unsuccessful except specifically regarding shipments.

Most ‘modern’ facilities introduced during Bayreach’s growth are around 40 years old, but may or may not contain magical knowledge older than that depending on which area within the city the facility is located. Generally, the lower income academies and libraries are more accessible, but limited, while there is an Ivory wizard’s tower exclusive to the more affluent families.

There are a few guild halls from well established trading companies that hire mercenaries to escort trading caravans, and a few startup guild halls within the city itself, but major or continental guild halls have avoided establishing an headquarters in the area due to its isolated and hard to reach location. Emissaries for guilds can be found aplenty, however.


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More notes on Tessela: The wear very noticeable uniforms that don’t change much between roles and races seen emerging from Tesselan boats, so they are easy to notice quickly. Attempts are often made to small talk or otherwise engage Tesselan visitors but even the most charming citizens have not been successful of gleaning insights about Tessela. Thom himself has been known to be extremely cryptic, despite being the most approachable of the Tesselans.

Any hostile approach by citizens has been met with swift justice from local Bayreach militia, except in one event when a magic user attempted to charm a Tesselan dock worker and found himself on the wrong end of the astral plane, as discovered and reported about two weeks later when he was vaguely seen in the Ivory tower trying to escape back into reality.

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