The Fall of Kingsland: A Dungeons and Dragon Campaign

Welcome! This is where I’d like to gather some folks to play a campaign using Discord and a few other apps/websites geared towards newcomers and veterans alike! I’m gonna go over my rules, my style as a DM, and a small amount of background for the setting. You can find more detailed setting information in this topic, and a place to ask specific questions if you need to. If you’re interested in playing, this is the place to be! Just post on here that you’re interested and I’ll get with you shortly.

First of all, this is a ROLEPLAYING game, not a “roll-playing” game (as the handbook likes to call it). In other words, we aren’t playing to win. Sure, we want our characters to win, but understand that I think its NO fun if everything is easy and there aren’t any risks. I like to think of this as collaborative story-telling.

First I’ll start with the rules, and then I’ll explain what campaigning will be like!

**We will be using the DnD v5 ruleset

No character can be lawful evil

We won’t be multi-classing

The setting is homebrew, so location specific background may need to be adjusted

The DM will kill you if you do something that would reasonably get a character killed

This will be a character driven and very fluid campaign split into 3 chapters. Each session will comprise of an “episode” and each chapter will be roughly 5-6 episodes long. So basically, since each chapter does have a conclusion and you hate doing this, then I can write your character out! Easy commitment.

As a DM, I do not lean on combat to tell a story. In fact, we all begin at level one and the first chapter is not very combat heavy. Consider this when making a character as you shouldn’t neglect your non-combat skills. That said, dialogue is important as I’ll ask you to specifically describe what your character is saying and/or trying to do. The story will adjust based on the characters included, and there are MANY ways the chapters can be completed, so GET CREATIVE.

YOUR specific character will have a role in the grand scheme of this world. I adjust certain things when I receive characters so that YOU will know why you are fighting the good fight, not just because you’re an overlord and your character does whatever you tell them to do. This also means you are responsible for your party members, as there are not too many situations where you’ll need to split up.

So now, about that setting:

Kingsland is a huge continental and circular island surrounded by impassable sea. There are a few small islands off the coast of the mainland, but they are close enough to swim to. The sea beyond the farthest reach goes on for miles and is nearly impossible to traverse in less than ideal weather. A few have tried, but they either gave up and returned with news of more ocean or never returned at all and assumed dead.

If you need an idea of how big this island is - think Russia’s landmass. Climates range in different areas, and for the most part the regions are pretty easy to divide and distinguish. To the south are more arid climates, separated from other areas with dense rainforest regions. The west is mostly a large mountain range that spreads all the way to the northern areas of the islands in a curved fashion. The mountains are extremely difficult to travel over, save a few valleys here and there. To the east lies mostly woods and small stretches of plains.

In the north, it gets quite cold, but the snow melts in the warm months. A mixture of highlands and lowlands, try and consider an area reminiscent of Scotland, popular with herders and the more recluse.

The middle of the island hosts the metropolis of the Capital City (and name rightly so) and is the seat of the current King. It is the most densely populated and richest city, and most governmental functions exert their will from the city. Most people live and die in their hometown, but the ones who migrate usually always end up in Capital City. Smaller towns dot the landscape around the city, but even within most of those towns they consider themselves citizens of the capital.

Rivers and large lakes snake through the Island and all regions excluding some extremely dry desert areas in the south.

The player characters will all start off having been born (or lived mostly within) the growing town of Bayreach - A coastal city on the westernmost side of Kingsland. The south of the city holds a dense forest that slowly morphs into the Southern Rainforests, and to the east lies a nigh impassable mountain range. Trade is directed to the north along a coastal path to reach the nearest valley that is quite a ways away. Most people within Bayreach don’t know much beyond their city, so we as players will be left to figure it out on our own (protip! Knowledge skills will more quickly reveal key information!)

The population of Bayreach is like Kingsland - multiracial and multicultural. More information on the changes involving Bayreach (and why we need heroes in the first place) will be included in another post.

If you have any questions, ask here! I might post a vote on how we should handle talk vs text, but feel free to post your preference here. Please direct questions about the setting to either my inbox or the Setting Post I will be making shortly.

Let’s make a story!


Very interesting, nicely detailed setting and set of rules. Pardon, as I haven’t really played D&D, but will this roleplaying campaign be set in a “private” server or is it in a public server that all players are connected to?

@Nyctophillia @Dr.Vox Are you guys going to be part of this adventure? :crossed_swords:

This is something I would be discussing with you personally on your preference in relation to both blinq and the discord server… once I know we have enough players and the campaign is a go.

We can either establish a private channel (that allows views but no posting) or making a private server.

Nycto and Vox have confirmed their involvement so far, although it should be good to see if they commit to the small bit of legwork.

Ah, and they have to first answer the questionnaire before they can get started. What do you mean by,

A private Discord channel?

Yes, either through the blinq server or my own. Its entirely up to you. I’ve done single servers for DnD campaigns while also posting story-like summations of sessions on request for other servers. Like I said, these are details I want to ask the players about, as well as you as admin of blinq and the discord server. Blinq seems like a decent avenue for resource compiling and long-form information hub - as needed. Discord is easy enough to figure out.

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Yes we will be @Avatium, I am playing a bard for the time being and nycto is playing an arcane magic user