Televisions vs Monitors, the only real PC argument


For those of you with dedicated PCs (laptop users can go get testicular cancer and quit reading) which have you found yourself using and why?

I’ve found that televisions offer a much larger variety of usages, especially smart TVs, or dumb TVs with an extra brain appendage (Chromecast, w/e) but it has largely depended on what room you find your rig in.

That said, even 4k televisions have limitations, especially in the fps category. I’ve never been big on crystal clear graphics, but screen tearing is a big thing I normally encounter, even with VSync enabled. It is my understanding that using HDMI alternatives like Displayport can help fix the problem, however because Displayport has different versions and most televisions only accept HDMI male connections, this can get a bit annoying.

So, I have my rig in my room, and the monitor faces my bed somewhat. When I watch movies I use the smart TV functions, and its 50 inches so its quite satisfactory. Gameplay requiring me to be a bit closer, however, is largely a game of logistics as I try to position myself in front correctly. This problem is solved with dual screen setups, which I use a dedicated monitor to play most things (and it helps with multitasking, hooray!)

Visually, the only difference I really perceive is the frame rate, but tbh without the monitor there to directly compare, I couldn’t tell. However, this monitor was… about 500 dollars and sits at 28 inches. The 4k tv was about 400 dollars and is at 50 inches…

So, what set up are you guys using, and do you have a preference either way?

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I use an all-in-one pc which i fucking regret getting, i only got it because i knew nothing about computers ( i still don’t but i know at least something ) 2 years ago. and since i have an all-in-one pc i can’t upgrade it at all >:V


yeesh, I feel your pain. Those All in Ones are only decent for artists and visual editors and ONLY if you pay ridiculous top dollar amounts. A PC built with 600 dollars worth of parts can generally out perform mid to high range all in ones, at least before the blockchain craze drove up video card prices to ridiculous amounts.

Is yours touch screen? If so, do you ever use the touch screen?


yes it is touch screen and touch screen is a fucking hassle when i wanna clean the screen but don’t wanna turn off what i’m watching or doing
also pens don’t work on em so not really for artists, only for bitches who want big ass tablets (not really a tablet but it looks like it since the stand is behind it so you can’t see it lol.
and it doesn’t have pressure sensitivity either for the screen so nOt FoR aRtIsTs


Like I said, only the top dollar all in ones are decent for artists (they usually have really adjustable stands and mounts, pressure sensitive and option alternative controls) but even then, most would opt for the drawing pads anyways.

Don’t you have the option of turning off the touch screen? What’s the display ratio?


aren’t those called graphics tablets? or display tablets? also i haven’t checked either of those so i don’t know


This is a “display tablet”, really known as touch monitors. This one is from Dell for ~$300 and it looks really good. It’s excellent for designers, musicians, and organizing. When you’re not doing any of that you can just pop the screen back into a regular desktop.


TV > Monitor

TV can be used around the house for gaming and…television. Not to mention the price varies a lot so you can always find one in your budget. Monitors, IF you have a THICK stash, are better than Tv’s. I’m assuming you’re not Ninja or Pewds :man_shrugging:

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“1000:1 / 8000000:1” Not great for really particular artists, and in practice I’ve found that many lower end monitors with anti glare have trouble displaying colors the same way as a non-antiglare device would - normally fine but for artist and design, not so much. In particular, its Full HD which is, at this point, not always preferred by those using it.

However, yeah that isn’t the all in one version I was talking about, but I can try and find it and link it. That is a monitor, but for a good all in one that does what that monitor does they start in the 1000s

Monitors don’t have to be that much terribly expensive than tvs unless you opt for graphics. I’ll also find an example that isn’t great but generally priced around what a low end TV would cost- but performs better in a PC setting than any TV would: Keep in mind that Dell’s are usually always the budget friendly option

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That’s odd. LED’s with antiglare (IPS) reproduce colors better than most other types, i.e. TN and VA, except for OLED, which is very expensive so that’s out of the equation for budget value. TN displays have issues with viewing angles and color reproduction, however, they do come superior when it comes to frames per second.

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OLED is God Tier, TN is garbage and I’ve always had trouble with IPS monitors in general. VA monitors have given be the best luck, especially with full array LEDs and price range.


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If youre gaming on a PC its pretty odd to play on a tv screen than a monitor. Just get a monitor and don’t be this picky about your gaming peripherals.

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Pretty easy question, TV = Casual Console , Monitor = Computer Gamers.


What a lame argument.


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