So this happened in Austria


When I was in Austria last week we went to Salzburg and I suddenly had to pee (maybe I shouldnt have drank 12 liters of mountain dew).
So me, my dad and my stepmom went to a restaurant, so I could pee and have lunch after (Sache tarte, amazing chocolate cake), but the problem of being a Dutch guy in a foreign country is the fact that the buildings arent made for tall people, so in order to get to the toilets I had to crouch through all kind off small corridors before I got to the toilet.
When I arrived after some difficulties I couldnt find the light button, but there was a sensor so it was all gucci.
It looked decent, but the urinal was next to the sink and the normal toilet was too small, but when I finally peed the lights turned off and couldnt see shit anymore, was really annoying

so yeah, F in chat

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Lesson learned for all the tall Dutch guys:

Don’t go to Austria.