Punk is Dead: Game OSTs and Genres

So, I was wondering what blinq’s favorite OSTs are.

I have a big issue with a lot of the common favorites like Legend of Zelda, Metroid, etc, because yes they are culturally invasive but tbh their composition is not often that impressive. Breath of the Wild had a GREAT OST but that is only because they took the basic and relatively unchanged LoZ formula for music and expanded it (basically that was the theme of BotW, everything Zelda but better)

For example, I really love the Civilization 4 soundtrack.

and I absolutely recognize that Civ4 is one of my favorite games. By contrast, I hate NieR, but this OST fucking slaps:

I also absolutely adore Journey as a game, and its OST matches it perfectly:

so share some of your favorites!

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This one is for you and @Nyctophillia and I want to know what you think of Cuphead’s OST.

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This is my absolute favorite OST, one that applies to The Social Network, a movie about Facebook’s creation which inspired me to start this journey on Blinq.

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Gamewise and design, Cuphead is outright commendable and original.

The music is… well it feels somewhat less inspired than the rest of the game. I can’t say I’d know exactly how they’d differentiate themselves but it is an almost total rip from big band swing commonly used in cartoons at the time.

“Well thats the point!” you shout, decrying my words from atop your lofty mountain

Well, yes and no. Cuphead’s design from head to toe is rooted in traditional OG cartoons, but every single design is unique in its creation, especially in its implementation towards gameplay. The music feels… less than that.

But its not bad, it accomplishes the goals set forth by the game, but its one area I wouldn’t give cuphead a glowingly high score.

(it doesn’t help that the entire OST is almost in the same key and uses the exact same beat structure.)

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well holy shit if we are talking movies, Hans Zimmer could ask me to lop off my left foot and I would just out of respect for his work:

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I like it but i mean, i guess the songskind all sound the same a lil bit

Oh yeah subnautica has a good ost, very minimal

this song

this is awesome

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Favorite OST of all time?

For me it has to be the original Deus Ex.


Ooh damn that’s a good one!

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You’re damn right, my friend. Accept my Steam friends invite please.

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yeah that’s my favorite OST :+1: