Podcasts and Why its OK to hate them

So, I’ll start by saying I have some favorite podcasts that I listen to regularly. My Brother, My Brother, and Me alongside The Adventure Zone (done by the McElroy brothers, I highly recommend them), Bullseye, and Lore.

The problem with podcasts is that they are becoming exceedingly longer, it seems. The standard podcast is over an hour long, and are often even longer than this. This is great in the terms of content, but remember that podcasts are (usually) audio only, and there aren’t too many instances where I find myself willing to sit down for that long just listening to audio.

This differs from listening to music where you can shift your focus elsewhere and therefore occupy your other senses, because each of those podcasts require a certain amount of focus (just like a conversation does) so any other qualifying activity has to be relatively low concentrated. I find myself almost exclusively listening to podcasts in the car when I’m driving, but I frequently fall behind because I’m not spending the nearly 7 hours per week required to listen to all episodes of a podcast in my car.

What do you think? And what are your favorites? Why do YOU listen to podcasts, if at all?

P.S. If you’re a big fan of DnD, The Adventure Zone is a great one to listen to.

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Since I put this in the comedy seed, here is a snippet of MbMbaM

I occasionally listen to Bill Burr’s podcast, *Monday Mornings with Bill Burr, he tends to be all over the place with what he’s talking about, but he’s very funny. Give it a try on the way to work!


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