Opinions on Fallout 76? Just another Elder Scrolls Online?


Fallout 76, “For when the fighting has stopped, and the fallout has settled, you must rebuild.”

tl;dr - build, conquer, nuke other people to win

Game Presentation
From the game play representation, you awake in Vault 76, and it is reclamation day.
As you pan around the spotless and celebratory atmosphere of the vault, there are many banners and signs, greeting you with the job you must complete. An inviting Mr. Handy robot welcoming you to the future of Vault 76, insinuating you must rebuild.
Game Engine Updates
The world has been improved, the world has all new rendering, lighting and landscape technology, with 16x the detail and dynamic weather systems. The same engine used in Fallout 4.
Origin of Game-play
West Virginia, where Todd Howard describes it as "an incredible array, of towns and government secrets, where actual nuclear secrets are. There will be 6 distinct regions, with their own style, risks and rewards. New creatures, and the folklore of West Virginia to give the most immersive game-play when roaming the land.
Multiplayer Mechanics
The story of the people who were the first to leave the fault, will be real players, with the ability to play solo. Open world, survival, with every person being real. “Soft-core Survival”, as described by Todd Howard. Death never means the loss of items or progression, your character is saved to all servers, you’ll enter a world with dozens of players. Friends games are easily accessed, and the progression of your character is never hindered if your friends are not as far along as you.
Not everyone will be friendly in the wasteland, as all characters may harm each-other. This adds more variety of social interaction to the game, giving morality and choice a big part of the game. The goal is control the wasteland.
There will dedicated servers from Bethesda, with one hundred percent up-time.
Building Mechanics
You can build solo and with friends… wherever you want. Using the workshop system from Fallout 4 the mechanics are much the same as before. The point of staying close to neighbors helps the success of keeping a settlement of yours from being under attack.

My humble opinion, as long as the game has the freedom that it promises with the fun, arcade vibe I get from it, I’m sure it will be a hit with many of the newer games of today being solely multiplayer. And it has nothing taken from ESO… That’d be great.



I’m very curious about the nuking mechanic. It sort of reminds me of the power armor in Fallout 4. In all the other games Power Armor is this thing you get late game, and often with extra effort. Fallout 4 was just like “here you go” and it was a kind of disappointment, most people didn’t like it. Nukes are kind of the same way in other games, a sort of extra effort addition that you choose to do with a nice view.

I’m a big fan of the setting tbh, but I bit hesitant about the story as it seems to rely almost completely on multiplayer.

I wonder how they will run the servers, as in will it be new people each time you log on or is it the same group for the most part each time to help sort of set up a possible community? Especially with the building and limited space, will these be permanent fixtures, etc.

Idk, I’m paying attention to it but I refuse to get hyped.

Great post.



You are from Virginia, you biased man!



Yeah, I really can’t wrap my head around how settlements from a previous game with your friends will keep your progress. Let’s say one of your settlements just happens to be the same exact spot as someone elses on another dedicated server… will it just overlap or will the game recognize this? Hopefully it’ll be generated sort of like Minecraft in the sense, pre-loaded chunks, with the game realizing the claim of a settlement.

I also agree with your opinion on Fallout 4, with games prior I always thought power armor was a very big effort to achieve in the game as I’ve never had it in Fallout:NV or Fallout 3. I also think it’s WAYYY too overpowered if you rush the Brotherhood of Steel quest line, especially if you’ve already gotten a lot of endurance apparel, chems, etc.

As far as the setting, I can’t help but love the Virginia aspect as it’s so close to home haha.

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I’m also somewhat confused as to how the hell VATS is supposed to work in a multiplayer scenario. I’d be surprised if it got eliminated, it’s been a major gameplay mechanic since the inception of the series



@Gold I’m genuinely hyped for Fallout 76 now :thinking: So it’s like Borderlands with a survival aspect and building bases and with the ability to play solo and multiplayer?

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Yeah, I think that it has potential. I feel like 76 could be something great ya know. I mean The fallout series hasn’t been as strong as it could be as of late but thats fine.
I just really hope its not like ESO, to me eso is just like a cash-grab tbh. In theory it sounds great, Multiplayer elder scrolls? Sign me the fuck up! But…it was executed poorly.
Then with Fallout 4, it was kind of just a “eh, take this, enjoy it” it wasn’t bad but it wasn’t good.

But don’t get me wrong, i am very onbaord with Bethseda, and im excited for 76, the new mechanics sounds utterly amazing, and i feel like it has the potential to be a timeless great, just like Skyrim.

Todd Howard=God



I feel like vats won’t be eliminated, but its mechanics will be changed quite alot. I assume it’ll be like, kind of a lock on type system, and thats you could only lock on for a limited time. Or atleast i hope.

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eh more of an mmorpg rather than a borderlands type game but definitely survival game



it wont slow down the game whatsoever (like VATS in F4) also it has a quick shoot option which is double key press and will aim at whatever has highest percentage…that’s what many people have said but I am not sure that is true 100%

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Who is excited to mountain goat up some of those sweet West Virginia vistas?



@riftnerd Likewise. I already have a number of people to start with, so it’s going to be a completely different experience, much more entertaining I’m hoping.



@Thomass Awesome what platform are you goin to play it on?



Hells yeah



Both are MMOS so…



It’s not worth it, I tried it out. The graphics are only mediocre despite them saying it will be better than any of the games in the fallout franchise. Models would ALWAYS glitched out, and guns barely do anything. Your better off with a melee. The nuclear silo is constantly broken, however the game seems to be standing up again with a bunch of fixes coming out in such large bundles.



Yeah this thread is really interesting to look at after the release. What a garbo game

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