No Man's Sky is now "If You Have Friends" Sky

If you haven’t heard, there was a brand new HYUGE update for No man’s sky that finally cemented the multiplayer component including a lot of other updates. Instead of going over myself, I will post a video of a much better showcase of the new things including some gripes still sticking around that I agree with.


Atleast NMS is trying to redeem itself :man_shrugging:

Enforced multiplayer will propel this pathetic game into tunnels of light, I can’t wait to see!

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Is base-building a new addition or has it always been in the game?

In the first release, base building was absolutely not a feature, but the first major update that happened maybe a year later brought it on. It has been tweaked and had content added over small updates leading up to the most current one.

So far as basebuilding goes, it’s pretty good if I say so myself.