Movies, GIve em to me


I want to know, what is Blinq’s favorite movies?

I mean we all love movies but some of us more then others(cough cough me) but even so we all have favorites so lets hear em! Ima just toss mine here
Image result for harry potter and the sorcerer's stone
dont judge me, but ive seen this at least 17 times no lie.

(Ive read the books too)


I honest to god keep reading the title as “Moses, give em to me” and that makes this thread kind of a let down.

Anyways, check out Perfect Sense if you’re into that. I’ve been a big fan of the Extended LotR trilogy, and tbh Wreck-it Ralph kinda fucked me up.

Although, I have an actual tattoo based off of the movie The Nines (with ryan fucking reynolds) on my back, so I have to mention that. I’m aware it isn’t necessarily a good movie but I’ve constantly rewatched that movie and I love it.

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Egotistical lil boi, its movies not moses


I SWEAR I read it too as Moses give 'em to me. Naughty Moses.


the only person gonna be givin it to ya is X


and me wym


I love movies, im hyped to watch Avengers: Infinity war in

July 6, 2018.