Mf Dungeons and Maybe some mf Dragons

Who here has played, wants to play, or is playing D&D?

For those wanting to play, we could actually attempt an online game, fyi. If you’re familiar with my bullshit, I’m fairly decent at weaving tales out of nowhere, and have DMed a few campaigns already (v3.5 and v5, prefer v5 for online)

Let me know, or tell me some cool/funny/awful D&D stories!

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Never played cuz I tried once when I was in 7th grade and I tried making my username Orcasm but i got banned :frowning:

It should not surprise anyone that I absolutely would not ban that character name.


I love you <3 Do be a mod for blinq, i vote for #moses4mod #M4M

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hmm it seems I’ve got a NOMINATION

Ah, what a parade! You got your first voter, Moses, your political revolution has begun!