Is mobile gaming on the rise?

We’ve seen games like Clash Royale and Last Day on Earth: Survival take public by storm with their level of innovation and genuine fun. Now we’re seeing tons of unique casual games taking the market with their free price-tag and occasional but usually unnecessary microtransactions. This trend is growing and it could hit other platform markets if the stride continues. What do you think, Blinq?

I myself am a console and PC gamer but I find myself playing mobile games a lot more frequently due to its accessibility.

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On the rise? It is easily the fastest growing video game market, accounting for over half of the entire market. Its easy to see why as they function almost entirely on psychological techniques to induce addictive behavior and extremely low cost to function.

These “unique casual games” market almost exclusive to the under 20 years old demographic because of the lack of impulse control, controlling gamers as consumers and rely on the money received by people who have gambling problems.

“Genuine fun” doesn’t apply when almost all functionality of the game relies on monetary input for no realistic rewards, and instead feeds into compulsive behaviors. It is either that or it the game itself is used as a marketing accessory to a game on the console/PC market a la fortnite, etc. To extend gameplay hours that will lend to further spending and gambling.

Outside of some basic puzzle games with ads, all mobile games should be viewed with suspicion and distrust. Microtransactions have already proven to be huge financial windfalls for developers and have made it into almost every AAA game released in the past few years. Lootboxes are gambling, and competitive MMO is basically the horse race of the digital world.

Honestly this post feels like it was written in 2005 - we are well past the age of mobile gaming taking over the gaming industry.


Look, I ain’t gonna lie, but Clash Royale is a phenomenal mobile game. I’m in fact a true legend in the game, really. But damn, no way is mobile gaming going to ever take over the monolithic PC market and the huge console market.

Mobile gaming has grown and is steadily increasing, slowly but surely. It won’t surpass these markets.

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It is genuinely fun tho! Play some games on the phone, there are tons and tons of them! You are bound to find some enjoyable and isnt a cash grab.

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No it isn’t sorry bud. You dont see people just sitting there playing games with people live, headsets on, during a friday night :joy:

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I’m gonna say it again - the mobile game market share already surpasses every other video game market as far as revenue goes - even more so in profit.

This has effected the entire video game market in noticeable trends like lootboxes and microtransactions. Pretty much every single AAA game out there has some version of them. Mobile games are enormous cash grabs, but I’ll admit that the above graph doesn’t demonstrate the other sources of revenue from console/PC games (add on peripherals, marketing, competitive, etc) but mobile gaming has long since dominated the market - I believe since 2014.


Smartphone games ALONE are set to grow over 29% and remember these are supposedly “free” games versus the standard pay to play or one time transactions. So tell me, as much as you enjoy the mobile games, how much money have you spent on them?

Children under the age of 15 are estimated to be collectively responsible for at least 30 billion dollars of that revenue, a source I can find and post if needed. Tell me if that doesn’t scream exploitative behavior.


Well, you cant assume that they ALL are cash grabs. Most Likely some games are made for the purpose to bring fun. Perhaps some of the games with microtransactions, are mayhaps, there to help the creators, cuz i mean if you dont shove its ass full of ads you will lose money by making a game. So it could just be to make some back idk. I sound nonsensical tbh.


You’re not wrong, in the sense that not all of anything is just that one thing.

However, the industry itself is prone to exploitative tactics and idgaf about intentions, especially because good intentions are not what you usually encounter with this kind of thing.

So far as creators, I can not stress hat the maximum buy in to make a mobile game is freakishly low, even taking into account skill sets required. You see real indie developers make app games constantly, and few of them are ever made for indefinite play.

And that’s the rub, give me a game with an ending, and I’ll agree with you.