Is GTA 6 Going to be a Bust?

Since the release of one of Rockstar’s most popular games in September of 2013, many rumors have been floating around the sphere about the whereabouts of GTA 6. Since Rockstar has a little bit of a… history… of pushing back game release dates, gamers have been wondering if it will ever prevail and be the legendary successor to GTA 5 that it was meant to be. Although Rockstar is also known for rarely leaking information about games that haven’t been released yet, they recently shut down a rumor about 2019 being a possible year for the release. So if not at least a year from now, when? Personally, I think it’s going to flop. I mean, can we really expect something better than GTA 5? There’s nothing to improve on, besides the graphics, which still after all these years, leave something to be desired. Can we really expect anything phenomenal from this game? Is the story going to be the only thing different about it? Is it gonna fail?


GTA V was good, but I’d never call it perfect. I’d say there is a lot of room to add features and improve gameplay, so don’t shut off GTA VI as just a reskin. Generally, new releases of GTA have always pushed the envelope as far as what we even though possible within a game, and I don’t doubt that VI will attempt to do the same. As far as what that is, I’m not sure. GTA V was honestly a huge surprise to me, but looking at it, it really doesn’t step too far away from the IV iteration and carried a lot of the same content over (with improvements)

That said, Rockstar is not above a few stinkers (note IV) so its possible this is another one on the way.


Honestly I think it’ll be an amazing game with features never seen before in a video game. This is Rockstar after all, boasting a résumé of top-tier games. With game development technology improving rapidly, I think we’ll see an otherworldly game in GTA 6.


Many video games have been trash lately sooo I wouldnt be surprised if rockstar fucks up too

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