Is Black Ops 4 Going To Fail


I have loved the call of duty franchise, And when i played Bo3, i was stuck to it, but the last two games have been quite a letdown in my opinion, CoD Infinite Warfare and CoD WWII. So do you think Treyarch will do a good job on Bo4?


Treyarch never fails to impress us. All Black Ops games have been phenomanel and BO4 will be no different. I think it’ll be even better. Like @Avatium said in another thread Black Ops 4 is a better combo of BO3 and BO2. I know I’m excited :man_shrugging:

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I do agree with Rift, Black Ops 4 is the love child of the prior 2 black ops games. I think it’ll be great and honestly needs to be played with an open-mind. Too much of the playerbase cares about “boots on the ground”. Saw how that went with World War 2 didn’t ya? :wink:


Its gonna fail, they keep making futuristic games when the playerbase dont want them :man_shrugging:


The game is amazing. I preordered it on ps4 and im currently playing the private beta. It needs some work as all games do during beta or release.


I pre-ordered it as well, add me on PS4. My PSN is @enixfinity :video_game: