As we all know, Blinq chat is a new and evolving platform to reinvigorate the somewhat outdated fusion of social networking and forums out there today. Places like reddit and even NeoGaf are growing stale and their users are being left to rot among themselves, which seems harsh until you really take a look at what passes for reddit contribution these days. Blinq wants to change that! We are hoping to connect gamers, tech geeks, and other like-minded folks to post news, interesting stuff, and start discussions!

The best part about Blinqchat is that this is all very new. That sort of means everything goes right now. What a great time to be involved! I mean look at @Nyctophillia ! He is basically the definition of a salty ass goofball fun hard-working friend who loves to party (edited for feelings).

I figured I’d also make this post as a stand-in for introductions!

I don’t know y’all, howdy folks, yeehaw, and all that. I’m from the mountains and my accent makes me sound like I swallowed a frog, but that isn’t the point of this post!

Many of you guys have corresponded with me either here or on discord and I can only assume you either think I’m a fabulous cuck or a dandy asshat, but really we don’t know much about one another. Let’s change that. Just a little. I don’t wanna know everything about you guys; I barely wanna know everything about myself.

I’m a pet nutritionist know-it-all. I’ve done a lot of things and have plenty of stories. I like strategy games and historical games (Civ, Total War, etc) among a large gamut of other types as well! Welcome to!

(If you haven’t, join our discord channel! Old users, don’t be afraid to introduce yourselves, especially if you are staff!)

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Don’t be upset bb, you know what I mean

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:unamused: fine