Imperator Rome out this month & someone should buy it for me


Imperator: Rome is the next iteration of Paradox Games historical strategy games (of which I’ve been a massive fan of for years) and is being released this month.
A wealth of features, combing the conquest focused EU4 and the character focused CK2, new economical options create an entirely new game to spend hours of your time on.

However, despite my excitement over this game (and almost everything Paradox does like the little fanboy shit that I am) I am reminded of Paradox’s terrible ass DLC strategies, which are more or less a double edged sword. It has allowed continued development of games released ten years ago to the point where with all the DLC, its an entirely different game than release.

However, that game costs nearly 250 dollars in its totality.

Long story short, since I’m gonna shell out money for the expansions for this game anyways, someone be a nice friend and reward kind Moses with a copy of this game so I don’t cry so much when I’ve given Paradox all my money in the future.

There are some pre-release livestreams if you’re interested in seeing what its all about

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