Have surreal memes past the barrier of normality?

Memes are great. G r e a t. g r E a T.
But have surreal memes elevated beyond our level of toleration? Is it even possible to recognize and digest some of them? The truth is this class of memes are the furthest tier on the scale. We have learned to respect them for their extraterrestrial humor and mystery, as well as its ability to make us t h i n k. Give it a try and see if your brain can handle surreal memes:

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This is the most beautiful philosophical proposal I’ve read. You’re right; surreal memes are ones to never be criticized as they are too magical to be comprehended by the average human being :brain:

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post-modern dadaism

a self-aware and meta outlook on pop culture satire

Or rather, the modern meme.


To me memes are memes

Well as i see it there are tiers of memes, and surreal memes are on the second highest tier. Tier 7.
They are getting harder and harder to comprehend but its possible. its really not even a modern meme its a meme of the future

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S-seventh tier? P r o o f? I dont believe it bc its universaly accepted that surreal memes are the top of the line memes. Nothing will surpass it for now atleast ¯_(ツ)_/¯

There are some memes that are straight up hieroglyphs. I put it at 7th tier cuz without deep knowledge of the maymays you can get a understand it a bit, but other memes. Man liek i only know them and how to read it due to being there from the beginning of memes. Most people couldnt read them man.