Has Call of Duty Died?


How I feel the game has died…

Coming from a guy who has played call of duty his whole life, I think the game has died because of the player base. Yes the playerbase. My explanation is that the game has received many more players in the past years and those people IE. Younger kids, don’t realize that the game isn’t about How “Futuristic” It is but about the game play. This in return left a bad rap for the game and mislead many buyers. Another reason is that people realize how Activison is controlling everything. They have the ability to fire many people from the subsidiaries or “Developers” that are in contract with the company. For instance, When the MW2 developers were fired, people noticed that MW3 was “Different”. It all comes down to one point, Quantity over quality. In the past years, People expect a new game to be released and activision has a three party cycle (3 companies have three years to make a game) that enables Activison to release a game yearly. The company (Activison) Is only Considering the money part and not the players. The original games had players playing the same game for years and now, People are expected to play the “new” game every year. It drops all sense of Accomplishments, Nostalgia and most importantly of all… fun.



The futuristic part of COD doesn’t sit friendly with the majority of the older players like the people who played cod when they were kids, games like modern warfare 2 and black ops 1. The newer generation of COD players are fine with it because they didnt grow up with boots on the ground like most of us did. Although they did listen to the community and release WW2 it just wasnt good enough. Now the new game is black ops 4 which is basically the same as black ops 3 and while BO3 didnt really disappoint and was a fun game, many people aren’t ditching the series but neither are they proud to be playing it.

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IMplying it was ever alive



bruh call of duty 2 was the tits.

The rest was just trying to buy that hype back.



The game isn’t actually dead though, but it became futuristic and also boring a bit…

we got wall climbing shoes come on bruh, seriously?



I mean it sounds cool in theory, but it gets boring FASt

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@Moses Black ops 2 was okay imo, the rest was a bunch of junk.



Black Ops 2 is my second favorite COD, right behind Black Ops 3. Mhm, I said it.

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gasp, he actually said it



I dunno, the first black ops made an honest attempt at storytelling

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An attempt

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I think COD has just become this game where if your not trying to get nostalgic then your just trying to have fun with a friend, but never trying to do anything solo. Its not a bad game it just, at least with the new installments, doesn’t have anything thats long term in its core gameplay. And i think the only thing they really have left is zombies to keep interest in the masses but even then that’s still kinda only fun with friends.



Call of duty is never mentioned in school anymore, around 5 years ago you would hear conversations everyday, same with FIFA. All you hear now is Fortnite and Fortnite. To think in my childhood I played more memorable and impactful games, however that is a different discussion. The days of halo 3 multiplayer were the best.



Lets be honest, the only real Call of Duty games that matters is Star Wars Battlefront 2