Good Action/Adventure/Fps games on steam?


I want to get into that whole gaming genre but i haven’t really had the chance. All the games ive seen like it seem pretty boring, repetitive, and/or expensive. so please recommend some for me.


Fortnite! PUBG! Battle royales are so diverse and fun. If not your type then play some Rust - survival is always a balanced genre.

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Already play alot of both, if you look at my fav games pubg is one of them, but thanks!


Oops sorry didnt see…I see you are a bethesda-head. Do you like Borderlands 2? It’s made by Bethesda and is actually extremely fun with friends and solo. No pay2win bullshit :wink:


Stardew Valley, Streets of Rogue, Pubg, Rust, Heroes & Generals and Starbound.

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Hi so you want adventure then def go with a fallout game or play Grand theft auto V in first person during the entire story mode. You can mod it as well for a better experience but the whole game is like an action movie with a deep story. I would try to not get too involved In online as it is kind of pay to win and milked at this point.
Honorable mentions(story games)
Portal 2
Tom Clancy’s ghost recon wildlands
Half-Life series
(Hardcore action FPS)
Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six:Siege


Isn’t borderlands gearbox? Either way it’s simalar to fallout imo


Uh, does Subnautica count?

Play it anyways. Its simultaneously one of the prettiest games I’ve played in a while, most engaging, and pants shittingly terrifying.


there is this game that has like a puzzle and adventure twist into it called Rayman Legends
my young siblings play it alot on my ps4