Ghost Mode (UPDATE) 👻

Oh yeah. It’s happening. Blinqer introduces Ghost Mode :ghost:

How do I enable Ghost Mode?

Click your profile icon in the header, then tap the ghost. That’s it, as simple as possible.

Why? :thinkingfast:

Most popular social platforms/forums lack a sense of privacy and anonymity. Many people have multiple accounts for the social platforms they use or browse and constantly worry about their identity being uncovered while they discuss sensitive topics or just simply trying to be private.

Blinqer has a simple feature, Ghost Mode: your account comes paired with an anonymous side that you can switch back and forth to. It is completely anonymous, users can’t change the details of their ghost account, and the account gets refreshed every few months to ensure anonymity.

How does it work?

This is for the people who care enough to know how this works. :nerd_face:

Your Blinqer account is made up of two accounts: your default main account (@Avatium ) and an anonymous account that gets created when you enter Ghost Mode for the first time (@ghost).

Your Ghost account is created with a fixed email address ( [email protected] ) which protects your privacy and saves you the time and hassle of using a new email.

Customizing/personalizing/editing your account :bust_in_silhouette:

With your Ghost account, you can only change the following details of it:

  • Profile picture
  • Background picture of your profile page
  • Profile card background
  • Bio
  • Location
  • Link (a link you want to display)
  • Birthday

To ensure absolute anonymity, we suggest you limit the amount of information you add to the details of your Ghost account.

That’s all, folks! :confetti_ball:
Check back here for updates. Happy Ghosting! :ghost:
Try replying to this thread with your Ghost account…

~ Blinqer Team


This is incredible Avatium! this is will unlock the path for Blinqer to succeed just watch. :wink:


Ghost mode is honestly so nice :smile:


i hope im a sexy ghost


All ghosts are beautiful.

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