Game of Thrones Season 8 Discussion


Season 8 is coming out in a month, and I am excited. I personally believe the Petyr Baelish Conspiracy Theory, and that the show will probably not have a good ending. Even George R.R. Martin said “I think there will be a bittersweet ending”. Who do you think Azor Ahai is?



Its like two days before the premier but tbh I’m more concerned about how few episodes there are and the amount of plot they have to fit into that… considering season 7 felt extremely rushed which ruined the slow burn tension the show is known for.

Plus like, of all the hookups in the show, Dany and Jon makes me the most apathetic. Annoyed, even.

I think Azor Ahai isn’t going to be just one person, although I’d put money on Jon if I had to, I almost guarantee that Dany will somehow become the ice queen and Jon will marry her or whatever which is part of the prophecy if I remember correctly

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