Fun little quick games to play with your friends


Hello! One of my favorite things to do lately is hit up one of my friends to play fun, funny, or lowkey games we can goof off in… or games with generally interesting mechanics. So basically I hate most multiplayer that involves “shoot those guys”

One example is We Were Here (free on steam! Sequel isn’t, but still kinda cheap) which involves having to solve puzzles blindly while relaying instructions to the other player. Rocket League counts but holy shit does that get competitive fast so pick the right friend!

I’d like this conversation to be about games that could qualify for this (if yall say GTA I will come to your house and snorkel your cat) and if any of you would like to goof around in one with me! As is life, my usual game parties are difficult to organize because… well its life and our schedules get messed.

If you dont feel like contributing to the above, you could always just roast my ass.

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I would recommend Garry’s mod as it is a fun/easy game. Hop on a TTT game( trouble in terror us town) where you must survive and find clues of the traitor sped out to kill you. You will believe your friends are now your enemies when the whole time the traitor was picking off people with a silent gun. I would also recommend getting into sandbox or sled build…overall fun quick games to play when bored with friends.