Fallout 76-What is it?

What even is it?

Fallout is one of those weird stories that branches off its storyline like a tree.
So far we have had games in several states Including Nevada, the boston commonwealth, Washington DC and from what we know now, vault 76 is in the greater virginia area. Will this be a game that takes place before the events of Fallout 3?From the trailer, we see that the vault is celebrating its 25 year wait period…where the dwellers can leave. If you have followed the games since at least fallout 3/NV, you know that vaults like vault 11 were left “contaminated” and vault-tec let radiation seep in for an experiment. Those dwellers eventually rotted to the bone and became ghouls.
We know from lore and character dialogue that vault 76 is a “control vault” that was unaffected from the outside world and actually opened on time. What this all means is, the surface will look much different and many factions we know wont exist. I feel vault 76 can possibly be similar to EDS-Online and some time of mmorpg fallout game. This can work because A-Fallout is already an RPG, B-Imagine going on a raid with your friends to kill a legendary deathclaw similar to boss fights in EDS-Online, and C-In the end its a bethesda game so they wont make huge changes to the franchise.

When will we get more info on the game?
We have seen many games announcement these past weeks. BFV saw a 1hr release. BO3 saw 5 trailers 2 weeks ago and a gameplay demo at an event. Now we get a Bethesda game weeks before E3??? What will E3 have to announce at this point?? Anyway, my point is, we have a lot of games that are coming out and if Bethesda wants to compete, they should make this game “Spin off or not” really good as they did with Fallout 4(I don’t care if you hate Fallout 4). Fallout:New Vegas was a spin off of the main series and was by far the greatest fallout of all time. I feel with 76, they will release more info at E3 and in the coming weeks so be on the lookout for new and info. I will be posting an update to any news that comes out.

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Oh cool, so this is a new game that’s supposed to come out soon? I don’t know since I didn’t read it. (because tl;dr lol)

Should come out this fall. Look out for more news from my post and from Bethesda :slight_smile:

Okay but,

ESO is easily one of the least popular ES games to be released since Morrowind established Bethesda as leaders of immersion. Skyrim exists in its current state entirely because the need for further immersion wasn’t met by Bethesda and instead fell into the hands of modders who generally do it for free. For a money hungry company like Bethesda, you’d think they’d understand their folly in this… but ESO made them consistent money, even if it wasn’t popular.

Granted, Fallout (and its fans) have been indoctrinated in heavy amounts of lore (re: Why anyone hates Fallout 4) and you can somewhat expect to see that catered to in an MMO version of the game. That said, immersion and skill still take part of Fallout’s appeal a la Skyrim appeal. MMOs do NOT have this appeal. They are designed to stimulate sales and engross users in a grindquest that so far, almost all of Bethesda’s titles (EVEN including other developers like Dishonored) have avoided… ESO being the exception.

Their switch to hotkey skills in ESO does not grant any hope for this to not be a… well a RUST clone. MAYBE a co-op optional inclusion will be just fine (Subnautica did this, I believe) but otherwise its just… old news? With retro-fitted backgrounds? New Vegas was easily the best of the bunch because it was A - Lore friendly B - extremely varied in content and C - Hilarious and Immersive.

There is almost zero chance that Fallout 76 will be able to live up to the franchise, but I guarantee it will make them money like ESO has, and that is why they’ve done this. Fans will buy it up (fallout 4 release broke pornhub for a day) regardless of content but will slowly fade out until MAYBE we get a real release from Bethesda in seven years. Look at the way other RPGs have gone when morphed to MMO - The Old Republic, ESO, and god… countless others.

However, I could be way off base because of the lack of info, so I’ll be watching closely.

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Youre kiddin right? :joy: how can dat even happen gimme the source!

I agree that ESO is unpopular to Skyrim’s standards. I think that this game will have people on the hype train but as someone who loves fallout for its lore, I love F4 for its gameplay mechanics on their improved engine. Yes it’s already dated in terms of performance, yes it’s a glitchy game, but hats all part of the Bethesda experience. Personally, I honk Bethesda won’t be able to live up to Zenimax/Obsidian standards as Bethesda is more of a game publisher than a development company. I think fallout 76 is going to be/ already being developed(gameplay footage in trailer??), by a child company. Just as Skyrim fans bought the 700 versions of Skyrim, people will buy into this new game whether it be an mmorpg or not. Let me know if you disagree I want to hear more opinions :slight_smile:

I’ll do my best to find the source but sometimes I hate the internet and this happened and I hate the internet but I’m not surprised

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Yes, people will buy it, and yes it will make Bethesda money, but no it will not be a good game or even enjoyable. Just like ESO.