E3: What did you think?

E3 2018 was filled with exciting announcements, details, and importantly - new games! :video_game:

Sony and Ubisoft had their good share of product display, unlike Square Enix oof. I know many of you watched the E3 livestream and have your own entitled opinions on what was presented. What games are you excited for? Below is a list of the most anticipated games announced: (tap to expand)

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e3 was damn amazing, especially Bethseda showcase. i mean ELDER SCROLLS 6 and FALLOUT 76

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I agree, what did you like about Fallout 76? Its Bethesda’s first take on a mmo-styled, online-only Fallout game with no bots :thinking: That’s interesting, as someone who doesn’t play Fallout, the new game may get me into the series.

Well, i think that its gonna take alot from elder scrolls online. And i also think its gonna pull alot more players into it as its more diverse and has more options. Its also more new player friendly ya know? Its so refreshign to have a new take on an old but amazing game series ya know

Good point, we’re definitely going to see a new playerbase for the Fallout series.

I know my Point was good, smh you thought it wouldnt be?!?! Have faith in me

Cyberpunk 2077, DMC 5, Cuphead DLC… it was like an early christmas!

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Everything else can STFU I’m getting moist over Elder Scrolls 6. Todd coward to God Howard, the greatest comeback story in history.

well smash can stick around, thanks for the ice climbers.

although Red Dead has me pretty intrigued as well.

Hol up, Cuphead dlc?!?!? See me playing that shittttt

You and i think alike, i was Fucking soggy when Todd (daddy) howard came on stage. Also do you know that Todd is working on Fallout 76

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Tbh some of the games won’t come out for two years maybe We already know fallout will come at October but ESVI probably won’t come till 2019. I’m still hyped for everything the announced( almost everything) and cant wait to get my hands on some of these games!!

Is t he working on both F76 and es6? That guy is a busy boi

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It was a dream! Any idea when Dying light 2 is releasing?? :exploding_head:

Yeah he is a busy boi. but the best busy boi <3

Its still unknown currently

Excited for Fallout 76 the most.