D&D Campain: The Fall of Kingsland questionnaire


For those interested in campaigning, you are in the right post! If you’re lost but you’re still interested, refer to this topic where I’ll make a short outline of the campaign we are gonna start and this topic where I’ll post some D&D resources if you’re new! PM me with questions!

For characters for the campaign, PRIVATE MESSAGE ME the answers to the following questions:

  1. Give me the full name of your character, include nicknames and anything people might know your character by.

  2. What is your character’s origin? If you know the full background of the character you’d like, place it here. If not, that is okay! It can be retconned as you develop through the campaign.

  3. Class, race, starting abilities, desired equipment.

  4. Primary motivations. In other words, why would your character bother doing anything heroic (or villainous)

  5. Two positive rumors the people in town would have heard about you

  6. One negative rumor the people in town would have heard about you

  7. At least one thing that nobody in town knows about you, to your knowledge at least.

  8. One of the first things people notice about your character upon meeting them, include one physical and one personality trait, at least.

  9. Are you famous for anything? Infamous? Unknown? Did you roll with a gang or live alone? What was your home life like?

  10. Where you, personally, would like to see your character end up.

Alright, thats it! Make it as long as you need (I’ll read it) and take some extra time to think about them. If you don’t know an answer to a question, let me know and we will brainstorm it.

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Alot of questions, too many. But if its nessecary oh well. Ill do it tomorrow tho i tire.


its 10 questions! You’ll be okay.