What’s the best console out there right now?

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PS4. Hands down. XBOX isn’t as good, trust me.


just get a PC, console is trash compared to PC

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Not everyone wants to sit on a chair in a straight position to play some games - coming from a PC and console owner.

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then just connect a controller to your pc


That’s a possibility, maybe some people just like the simple interface of a console.


or get a gaming laptop, just not console, my ps4 pro is a very expensive paper weight now


i have always owned an xbox but i recently tried my cousins ps4 and i have to say that the ps4 is hands down the best console. everything from the dashboard to gameplay, and i love the dualshock controller, i started playing gta v and sound would come out through the controller when navigating through the phone, and when u get the police on u, the controller flashes red and blue. i recently built a pc and i am definitely much happier with this than i could be with any console.


You built a dang pc? Wow props man