COD: BP 3 is so futuristic?


Call Of Duty: Black Ops 3


The game is no longer anything like cod used to be. I was a very dedicated fan from CoD 4 all the way through ghosts. I max prestiged cod4, world at war, mw2, black ops, mw3, bo2, and ghosts. Then aw comes and we have jetpacks? Wtf? It was basically Titanfall without the Titans. Ive tried to get into the game. I really have. But after 3 prestiges, I couldn’t stand it anymore. It isn’t any more challenging. Im not any worse at the game than the others. I am literally just talking about how cod used to be a realistic first person shooter using guns and bullets to kill people online. We used to be able to walk through bushes, hide behind rocks. Now people can fly around the map, shoot retrievable spike balls from their bobba-fett launcher, and tear down hordes with their one-shot laser rifles. I mean shit, we are basically waiting on the lightsaber DLC at this point. And even after we strap on our futuristic backpacks, we STILL cant get over the invisible barriers that protect every bush and tree? I understand everyone whined about campers so they limited vegetation. But really? Every bush has a fucking invisible wall around it. The only good gameplay that AW has is the classic playlist, and there is not even a hardcore classic. Jesus.

And now Bo3 where all the soldiers are androids? WHY? Realistic people using realistic weapons is where this franchise started. It is where it thrived. Why do we not go back, get our boots on the ground, and SHOOT SOMEBODY WITH A BULLET.

But that’s probably just me.

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Advanced warfare was not my bread and butter either but I try to appreciate any game they release including BO3. I loved black ops 3 due to its perfect blend of quick movements from AW, obviously milder with no jetpack, and some combat mechanics from black ops 2. The community also cried for a WW2 game which did happen to be released in response by Sledgehammer and yet most disliked that too. I think you should just stay optimistic about the series as Black Ops 4 is a sick blend of BO3 and BO2.


I’ve always massively hated CoD but I can appreciate them trying to do something different. BO3 actually held my attention for a solid week before turning it away, though it was mostly because I was using a PS4 and I hate using console controllers for FPS games.

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  1. game mocked for releasing yearly sequels without changing much beyond skins

  2. game releases new mechanic

  3. People mad but everyone still bought the game

  4. Repeat until publisher is rich.