Clash Of Clans


Anyone play clash of clans

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I used to approximately 2 years ago but not anymore


Well if you ever get it again tell me

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One of the mods plays Clash of Clans, he’s into it @catman


Play it everyday. I’m th9 and I play to raid/collect loot but it’s just a grind. Not really fun anymore if you can’t grind

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Im a th9 as well and i have a th6 5 4 and another 5


lol why so many? and cool im trying to geind to th10 where its less of a grind to get th11 8-9 are hardest in terms of upgrading


i play Coc once and awhile im th 9 too, ive been checking it just about every day to collect resources to use on upgrading the last things in order to max my base out then ill finnaly be able to upgrade my th



cock ;)))