BO4 Beta Sucks

Black Ops 4 beta is pretty bad. Nothing wrong with the servers or connections. But, my goodness, this does not feel like a Call of Duty title.

What sucks:

  • 150% health system rather than 100%
  • Gameplay does not feel smooth.
  • Frames and graphic rendering doesn’t satisfy
  • You have to press a button to heal & it has a cooldown!
  • I think the beta only has 3 maps

If you start with 150% health, isn’t that meaningless without a control reference?

It takes a lot more shots to kill an enemy, often they evade before you kill them or you get killed while shooting them for more than a couple seconds.

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The only things i dont like is the armor and 150 health. Also that you unlock the frag grenade at level 29.


Treyarch has done a good job addressing grenade spam that’s prevalent in every CoD game - I’m fine with grenades being locked for awhile.

Armor definitely fucks up the entire game.

Merk? Is that you