Bloons Tower Defense 6 releasing tomorrow!


The global release for the very long-awaited BTD is finally coming out tomorrow, June 14 :confetti_ball: They’re making this the first BTD to be 3D and have limited towers. It’s super interesting because it’s also the first game with 5 tier upgrades. What are your thoughts?


Wow! Didn’t even know but now I know and I’m hyped :slight_smile:


Honestly hyped, i mean 3D!!! and TIER 5 WOOOOOO

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I GOT IT! IT’S SO SICK I AINT EVEN GONNA LIE - the towers and 5th tiers make the game refreshing whew heroes are also a unique and positive addition to the BTD series. Long Live BTD!

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honestly so exicted for tietr 5 helicopter, my fav tower. Then also Engineer and super monkey and ninja OHMYGOD