Black Ops 4: Thoughts & Opinions


Black Ops 4 is released… :confetti_ball:

My initial thought: Black Ops 4 looks and performs quite similar to Black Ops 3. It is a refined BO3 with features that the community wanted; such as no thrusters, a lot of map remakes, 125% health rather than the regular 100% HP, and of course NUKETOWN. The colors in the game look very vibrant and the map design looks as the typical Treyarch design, three lanes and close quarters. Specialists are still in the game and some people want them back and some don’t. Zombies has tons of missions, challenges, maps, and it is heavily-supported by Treyarch. PC is finally going to be supported seriously, as deserved. I think Black Ops 4 will deliver successfully and I’m interested in hearing your opinion.

Here’s an excellent review by Driftor:


Black Ops 4: hey can I copy your homework?
Black Ops 3: sure just make it look different.


That made me chuckle, mate :relieved:
Black Ops 4 is going to be far better than Black Ops 3, I assure you.


Hmm…its like the p e r f e c t offspring of black ops 4 and 3. The DLC better not be $30 :joy:


It’s an aight game ya know? Looks better than ww2 and from gameplay, looks like a fun game. I just feel like CoD has gotten to a point where you know within a year, it’s going to be a dead game like bo3


I personally enjoyed Black Ops 3 a lot, my favorite Call of Duty actually. Like @13lood said, it’s a beautiful synergy of BO2 and BO3. It has the stunning graphics of BO3 and the flawless boots-on-the-ground gameplay of BO2. Expect big things.


You’ve described basically every single CoD iteration since Modern Warfare


Blackops 3 was bae, although I only enjoyed it cause it was the first Black ops that I really even tried to play religously.

Everything before was just a memory of watching.
I heard it’ll play similar to BO3, so I probably won’t buy it cause chances are, it’ll get boring quick.

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They are both clones, but one is a better clone :slight_smile:


It’s aight I guess


I dont know jack diddly do about fps stuff m8. But to me it looks liek another clone. It seems like they release the same game over and over again every few years and make tiny changes and call it a new game. :man_shrugging:

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