Black Mirror Viewing Party

The first event by Blinq, we will be using to screen some Black Mirror episodes and start a discussion about them. Haven’t seen the show, or just wanna have your opinion heard? This is where to be!

August 1st, at 1:30PM EST / 10:30 PST :clock1030:

For now, here is a poll to determine what we watch! First place episode will be for the first viewing, second place episode for the second, and so on. Vote now!

  • The National Anthem
  • San Junipero
  • USS Callister
  • Hang The DJ
  • Fifteen Million Merits
  • White Bear
  • Playtest
  • Shut Up and Dance

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The Black Museum will be viewed after the top three episodes! Hurry up and vote!


I swear if ya’ll say The National Anthem.