Any good prisons for Prison Architect?


Been trying to make a lot of them, only one succeeded so I’m looking for a pre-built prison or just some prison ideas.


You should build a closed prison not open because its more structured and you can keep track of your prisoners easily since you create paths for them to scatter through. Its more secure and much harder for prisoners to escape. With an open prison, your prisoners have a much better chance of escaping and it’s harder to control them. Think logically and separate common & important rooms away from direct entrance by prisoners because you don’t want workers to be murdered.


Steam’s workshop has a few save game templates on there.

Provided you dont use steam, here is a huge and stable prison for reference and here is how to install it

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oh and here is a video of that save file, and I used this to try and figure out the best way to set up schedules, ratio of workers, and a few other things that helped a bunch


Before I read this I already tried that because I realised that I was always building outside prisons, stupid idea lol.
Anyways, your suggestions helped me quite a bit, thanks!

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