Any good 2D games?

Looking for some games to play, specifically 2D games because I’ve grown an interest for them in the past couple of weeks and I find them quite fun. Doesn’t matter if it’s free or not just looking for some cool games. :woman_shrugging:


Terraria is a good one


Starbound and RimWorld are two of my fav 2D games :smile:


I agree with Terraria :pick:

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Oh yes, I’ve played Starbound before. It’s pretty good but also pretty laggy, though I haven’t played RimWorld yet, I’ll check it out someday.

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Yeah it can get laggy…RimWorld is really fun! Its rated 10/10 on steam with over 18,000 reviews :scream:

…but its 30 bucks…


30 bucks? Damn, can’t get that then. ;p
I’ll look for other games though.

Yeah Terraria is good, haven’t played it in like 2 years or something, I’ll probably check it out again later.

How was Stardew Valley not mentioned already go and play that and thank me later.


Stardew Valley graphics & colors piques my taste :stuck_out_tongue: Is it only on PC or is it also on some other consoles?

PS4, Xbox, and Switch as well (Vita too, if you’re a freak like that)

Sidenote: You might like Death Road to Canada as well.